The Venner PNEUX(tm) System

Ventilator-associated Pneumonia (VAP)

is the most frequent ICU acquired infection among patients receiving mechanical ventilation(1).  It is estimated that the incidence of VAP in the Critical Care environment ranges between 10% and 20% of patients (2) and this results in 24% to 50% mortality(3)

The Venner PneuX(TM) VAP Prevention System addresses multiple known risk factors associated with intubation systems in current standard use.

The PneuX(TM) System is indicated for use in Adult Critical Care for patients requiring intubation (primary or tube-exchange) and mechanical ventilation. Patient groups would include General Intensive Care, High-Risk Cardiac, Burns, Neuro and Transplant patients.

The technology comprises of a specially designed single-use silicone, flexible, low-volume low-pressure cuffed endotracheal/tracheost



The secretions that gather above the ETT cuff are laden with bacteria, and are harmful to the patient if they enter the lower trachea and lungs, thus causing a VAP(1).

Whilst a normal ETT cuff will be inflated to secure a good seal for ventilation purposes, there remain folds in the cuff that allow secretions to gradually pass the cuff via these channels. Some of the newer ET tubes have bee

ET Tube leak test

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Qualitech Healthcare Ltd

Has a strong commitment to providing support and training for its products

The experienced and dedicated team at Qualitech Healthcare Ltd are able to offer in-depth training for the Venner PneuX(TM) System

It is a requirement of Qualitech Healthcare Ltd that any ICU or CICU evaluating or purchasing the Venner PneuX(TM) System is provided with full product training dispensed to key clinical and nursing staff PRIOR to the actual introduction of the product